Captain Void
Nationality American
Birth March 7, 1996
Clan Silent Wolves (SW)
Rank Captain
Position Sniper & Special Operations
Directly Affiliated with

Wingless, Princess, and Unknown

Captain Void is the current leader of the Silent Wolves (SW) Clan. Establishing the clan in November of 2011 along with his two sworn brothers and his significant other.

His brothers Lieutenants Wingless and Unknown became his personal recruits and Void began training them in the arts of Stealth, Sniping and Precision. His significant other, Private Princess, is under direct training by Void and is being taught all of his tactics and weapon specialites.

Void had taken a liking to the M21 and M40A3 Sniper Rifles in his first online game match on Xbox LIVE years ago. Though Lieutenant Unknown had been playing the game long before Void, he had surpassed Unknown quickly and continued to become better until Unkown and Wingless were hoping Void would be on their team during a match to avoid complete domination.

Void utilizes every piece of equipment given to him, though preferring sniper rifles to any type of weapon he will use assault rifles and handguns in certain cases, or certain maps. In MW3 he cannot use his sniper efficiently as he could in other games.

Captain Void can be directly compared to the NPCs of the Modern Warfare series such as Cpt. Macmillan, Cpt. Price, and Cpt.Mactavish (Soap). Void will sometimes be heard using the same type of terminology as these NPCs and in Stealth missions he will wait until he feels that he should move on (NPCs inspired his leadership), if you cannot keep up with him then he will not slow down for you. Void will continue on but if you are comprimised he will risk his own life to keep you alive.

When it comes to survival, Void utilizes every piece of cover and running place he can possibly use. In Zombies he will run in circles, gathering a large "zombie train" (large group of zombies chasing you) and he will make his stand at certain positions eliminating 10-30% of the train at a time before turning and running once more.

Void idolises Captains Price and Macmillan and Soap (NPCs) and uses their tactics as his own, making him a very highly skilled player that does not settle for anything less than 1st place. Which is exactly his spot in every game he plays unless there is a player better than him (making him in the top 3) or if he is not trying at all (around the average). But when given an objective to work for and claim (or destroy or complete) he will work until it is finished, kill after kill, death after death until it is completed.

Favorite Quotes

"Cheeky bastard..."
— Captain Price to Gaz in No Fight In The War Room
"If he's back on the grid, then so are we."
— Price, in the "Redemption" trailer for Modern Warfare 3.
"Soap trusted you. I thought I could too. So why, in bloody hell, does Makarov know you?!"
— Price, questioning Yuri after Soap's death in "Blood Brothers"
"There's a clocktower in Hereford where the names of the dead are inscribed. We try to honor their deeds, even as their faces fade from our memory. Those memories are all that's left, when the bastards have taken everything else."
— Price, refering to Soap, during the "Stronghold" pre-cutscene.
"My war ends with you"
— Price to Makarov in the Dust to Dust cutscene.
"''This is for Soap.''"
— Captain Price during "Dust to Dust".
"This belongs to you, sir."
— Soap, giving back the M1911 he received during "Game Over" to Captain Price in "The Gulag".
"Dogs. I hate dogs."
— Soap, "Contingency", when Price mentions a German Shepherd.
"Oh fuck! RUN!"
"Patience, don't do anything stupid..."
"Oi, Suzy!"
"'You're on everyone's shit-list John!"

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